About Us

Our identity

Coupondonor.com is a digital marketing specialist that brings together all branded products under one roof for its esteemed consumers around the world. We provide irresistible offers and discounts from a myriad of deals & irresistible promotions to help you save thousands on purchases. Being one of the most comprehensive internet portals in the online shopping industry, we are adapting to our different consumers and to occasions as varied as New Year's Day, Easter, Labor Day and all the others. In keeping with our philosophy of customer service, we aim to provide consumers with coupons that will make you realize real savings, as well as selected promotional offers from branded stores. In line with our goal of becoming the largest online marketplace, we provide consumers with the latest and most exciting offers to encourage you to shop at Coupondonor.com. Our special coupons and promotional codes are just a click away.

Our specialty

We are a very active online marketplace specializing in discounts on the most popular products on the internet. By affiliating with many online providers, we make the best coupons and promotional offers available to our esteemed consumers every day. All our coupons are checked and classified in thematic categories. In the respect of the values of our customer service, the consumer gets the best offer on the market at his fingertips.

Our mission

We are known for developing long-lasting, quality relationships with our consumers, and we are committed to ensuring the complete satisfaction of our customers. Our motto is to provide high quality customer service. Our global vision is to optimize purchases at reduced prices. For more information, please read the details of our shipping and payment policy.

Our potential

Online purchases are expected to continue and expand over the next 5 to 10 years. As a result, the maximum capitalization is an additional bonus. Consumers need a shopping platform that is easy to use and offers a maximum number of promotional offers and coupons. Help us establish a win-win situation and save your time and money with our substantial discounts on the most up-to-date products. Our commitment is to provide offers that fit into the budget of most consumers while offering a wide range of products, from everyday life to special occasions. The customer can choose and select as he wishes.

Our guarantees
We always provide the following guarantees:
Your favorite coupons are applied as you please
We are affiliated exclusively with reliable suppliers, which guarantees you safe transactions
No hidden fees or registration fees

Inaccessible coupons are removed from our website

Additional offers
Email alerts are sent as soon as they arrive on the market. If an offer is available, you will get it on the spot.
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