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Altum Designs are a cycling start-up committed to producing innovative, aesthetically strong and cleverly conceived bicycle accessories. Altum believe that every accessory a cyclist purchases for their beloved bikes should look, function and feel as good as possible. It was this unfulfilled expectation that inspired the design of MODUAL, their first product range.

The award-winning MODUAL range consists of an innovative 14 function bicycle multi-tool and accompanying tool roll that are comprehensive enough for use at home yet compact enough for the road. A portable yet powerful alternative to conventional folding bike tools. 

Bicycle multi-tools form part of the lucrative ‘cycling parts, accessories and clothing’ (PAC) market. The PAC market regularly outperforms the wider bicycle market in terms of growth, was worth £10 billion globally in 2014 and is forecast to grow by a further 5-7% per annum for the remainder of this decade.

Cycling now commands a 12.5% share of the global sports market – making it the largest single sporting category. Altum’s product line has a broad applicability and can be marketed towards folding-bike commuters through to lycra-clad road cyclists and everyone in between. An impressive 6% of the UK population purchased a bicycle multi-tool in 2014 (half for personal use and the other half as a gift) and with cycling participation at an all-time high there has never been greater demand for bicycle accessories.