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Welcome to Angelic Bakehouse, makers of sprouted grain breads, wraps and more. We’ve found that with a steady dose of goodness – whether in food or in life – you simply feel better. And you can’t help but want to elevate others too. At Angelic Bakehouse, our baked goods are made with healthy sprouted grains, making them the perfect mash of delicious and nutritious. At Angelic Bakehouse, every choice we make is thoughtful and intentional. This starts with our ingredients; they’re pretty amazing. We work hard to find delicious, flavorful ingredients. We’re all about elevating expectations with turmeric, beets, green chile and all kinds of goodness. We go above and beyond by fresh pressing our sprouted whole grains instead of just using a processed flour. We make delicious and nutritious baked goods from sprouted grains—the extraordinary version of whole grains. Our food stands out. Not only because of its taste, but our commitment to using non-GMO ingredients and making products that are vegan, kosher and allergen free including nut free.