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Selecting and investing in new blinds or shutters, and then bringing that piece into your home is an important decision. An important decision that might be nice to have some guidance in making. Here at Blinds Express, we may stock our warehouses and fill our showrooms with home furnishings and accessories, but what we really sell are solutions.

Common sense says that customers are a business's foundation, but apparently common sense isn't as common as it once was. Companies seem to be so focused on the bottom line that they forget what's really holding them up, which are€” their customers and their relationships with their customers. This has been especially true with Internet marketing where customers aren't thought of so much as people, but as a customer code or phone number. Welcome to, where we understand that there is a real live person behind that voice on the telephone or sending in that Internet order. We know because we have real, live people at our end of the phone line or the Ethernet cable, providing the information, knowledge and resources you need to make a confident and appropriate on-line purchase.