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  • Flamingo Cone Poster

    Desenio have posters that match well with the Scandinavian and Nordic interior. Discover this funny collection of surreal animal portraits, with pop and acid colors, made to perfection by Desenio AB.

    • Matte Premium Paper
    • Frame Not Included
    • Availability: In-Stock
    • Delivery: 3-7 Days
    On Sale: £3.95 Buy Now
  • New Friend No1 Poster

    Beautiful gallery wall for inspirational rooms! Posters and prints for your own picture wall. Make a photo wall gallery with framed art. Choose from lots of posters with Scandinavian design.

    • Dimension: 21×30cm
    • Tags: Kids Posters
    • Site:
    • Hang: Wall Gallery
    On Sale: £6.95 Buy Now

About Desenio

At Desenio, we offer a large selection of attractive wall art and posters based on the latest decor trends - always high-quality and at an affordable price point. With a wide assortment of primarily Scandinavian art prints, we understand the effect that great art can have on your home. With our posters, you can easily communicate who lives there, and give your home the vibe you want it to convey. Art is for everyone, and by offering thousands of different designs and art prints, we feel confident you’ll find something that speaks just to you. At Desenio, you’ll always find decor inspiration, whether you’re looking for help with a bedroom, a small hallway, an office, or an entire house! We have affordable wall art for every room and occasion, and of course we offer matching high-quality frames and other poster accessories at an equally great price.