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About Enveloppes France is an online store offering envelopes and sachets. It has all types of envelopes and sachets, so that customers can find the product they need. This E-commerce offers accessible prices per unit, a price which is inversely proportional to the quantity of products purchased. This E-commerce has the most extensive catalog on the market and unbeatable prices, which explains the conversion rate and the number of transactions. The average basket is around 50 € although some transactions may be around 2,000 €. This is due to the fact that there is no limit to the number of envelopes that a company can buy, and these generally make their purchases in large quantities. In addition, the fact of offering an exhaustive catalog, including all types of envelopes and sachets allows all customers to find the product or products they need.' objective is to sell as many envelopes as possible for each transaction carried out on its site and to be the market leader. In summary, this E-commerce is looking for a way to significantly increase its sales, while remaining profitable.