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But first, you need to understand how women think about your skills in bed; Every penis in the world, no matter the size, shape, or even the angle of the erection has the potential to make your favorite positions feel mind blowingly-orgasmic, as long as you’re aware of what you’re doing. At the same time, every sexual position you get in to has what we call a “Goal”. In the Doggy style position for instance, the “Goal” it to stimulate your lovers G-Spot while you are having sex. Incase you don’t yet know where the G-Spot is, It’s that rough patch of flesh located about 2 1/2 inches inside the front vaginal wall… This means that in the Doggy style position, if your erection is angled slightly downwards, you’re going to have a much easier time stimulating her G-Spot and achieving the “Goal” of this position, than someone who isn’t aware of this. However if your erection does not point downwards, don’t worry. There are numerous tiny modifications you can use your posture, or the position to compensate, which will allow you to effortlessly achieve your “Goals” each and every time. By simply knowing the positions, and variations of those positions that compliment your body, and your lovers body the best; you are now able to provide her with the kind of toe-curling, sheet-ripping pleasure, she’s never experienced before. Every thrust you deliver will make her body feel as though you have the absolute best cock in the world for her. The master key to her ultimate sexual satisfaction. There’s one more piece of the puzzle you’ll need to be aware of, if you truly desire to become her fantasy lover.