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Forex Trendy Review

Forex Trendy is a type of computer software program that scans trends in the market using an algorithm. This program claims to offer a lower monthly price compared to other trend monitoring programs on the market. This program is not designed to educate you on how the market works or give you any stock market tips for beginners, but it does provide a live analysis of patterns and charts, in addition to forex signals that are auto-generated.

Forex Trendy works what you can expect in terms of ease of use and whether or not it can help to give you an edge on the market. A relatively new forex trading interface, Forex Trendy hit the market just five years ago. This software driven system will analyze and monitor trends in the market, giving the trader the inside scoop on market conditions so they can determine when it’s the right time to pull the trigger on a trade for specific forex pairs. Since the program can be accessed right after purchase, you can get started monitoring market trends right away.

How it Works

For many, this program can be the key to avoiding trading when market conditions are too volatile. This program relies on a sophisticated algorithm in order to find market trends that look promising. It can scan up to thirty-four different currency pairs for time periods that range from sixty seconds to thirty days. Forex Trendy will look for every possible breakout pattern on every chart in any viable time frame, delivering profitable winners and losers ratios in a system that’s very beginner-friendly.

Money Back Guarantee

This is a subscription-based service offered through ClickBank. If you’re not satisfied with the program within sixty days, you can contact customer service and receive a full refund. Forex Trendy is not a trading robot. It will not place any trades for you. It's not an automatic trading bot that makes trades for you on a variety of platforms. All it will do is recommend trades. You'll still need to manually enter and execute trades on your own. You also won't find much in terms of educational resources. Instead, the system will simply provide a trend scanning service, which can help you determine what the best trades are based on current market conditions.