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About Hamboards

Hamboards are the world’s finest rail-to-rail Surf Skates, SUP Skates, Paddles and Accessories. This actually feels like surfing. Most Hamboards are longer, wider and sit higher off the ground than conventional skateboards and longboards. Hamboards also turn much more than conventional surfboards. Hamboards are very special longboard skateboards with a classic surfboard look and feel. 

Hamboards was founded in 2003 by the Pete Hamborg and his 5 lifeguard sons in Huntington Beach, California. The brand really took off after the family made a successful pitch on ABC’s famous TV show Shark Tank. The Hamboard skateboards aim to offer a true surfing feel through large, classic surf-shaped boards and a new patented spring torsion truck engineered to provide the closest carving experience to surfing when mounted on the massive, classic-looking Hamboard decks.