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Hush Blankets is a Canadian-based brand that’s set to lead the bedding industry with its premium weighted blankets. The combination of sweat-wicking and cooling technology; along with innovative materials such as non-toxic sand glass and microfibres is a gamechanger. The results are a scientifically-proven, therapeutic, super soft and cozy blanket – perfect year-round.

Designed by a team of sleep specialists and product designers in Toronto, the Hush weighted blanket is the product of more than 1,000 hours of collaboration and development. Between three and five times heavier than your standard comforter, the Hush Blanket relies on Deep Pressure Touch (DPT) to reduce anxiety while promoting more restful sleep. The leading sleep-inducing, weighted blanket company on the market today!

Discover more about the original Hush weighted blanket in our in-depth, unbiased review. Note that while Hush also offers a children’s sized blanket as well as a cooling weighted blanket — Hush Iced — this review will focus on the original Hush weighted blanket. By using scientific research combined with Canadian made Technology to infuse the Hush Weighted Blanket with deep touch pressure stimulation.