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Living Room Lighting: offers the best selection of pendants, chandeliers, floor lamps, arc lamps and table lamps to give your living room a comfortable and attractive appearance. Lighting a living room successfully means combining different types of lamps to illuminate different parts of your living room. We have living room lamps in different styles; you will find contemporary, design and traditional lamps which will create a fabulous living space!

Dining Room Lighting:

The table is the centre of the dining room. Lighting plays an important role in illuminating the table and creating the mood when entertaining guests. offers a wide range of pendants, wall lights and ceiling lamps to give your dining room a special touch. The collection contains modern lights, design lights and traditional lamps. Whichever style you prefer, you will find a lamp that suits your dining room.

Kitchen Lighting:

The kitchen is an important living area and often the heart of the home. To make your kitchen a safe and pleasant place to be in, it is important to use effective kitchen lighting. offers a range of kitchen lights to illuminate the entire kitchen. Our collection contains cabinet lighting, ceiling lights, wall lights and recessed lighting. Recessed lights are perfect for directly illuminating the sink and workspaces.

Bedroom Lighting:

The bedroom is an area where you want to relax. Bedroom lighting can be used to create this relaxing atmosphere. By using a contrast of general ceiling lighting and task lighting such as floor standing lamps or wall lights, you can achieve perfect bedroom lighting. In most bedrooms a central ceiling light is combined with spot lights, placed near to a wardrobe, providing direct light into your wardrobes for ease of choosing clothes. A table lamp can add an attractive light feature to any bedroom.

Bathroom Lighting: offers a wide choice of bathroom lights in different designs. Important characteristics of bathroom lights are that they are protected against damp and water. For the bathroom, recessed ceiling lights, flush lights and spot lights are ideal. Wall lamps provide nice lighting over wash basins. Our wide variety of bathroom lighting also includes LED bathroom lights and bathroom mirror lights.

Office Lighting:

For office lighting, you have come to the right place. At we offer a range of commercial lighting for your office, home office or workspace. In a large space, it is important that the space is evenly lit with several lights. These could be wall lights, pendants and/or spot lights. In our office lighting collection, there are also energy saving lights available.