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  • Leather Lanyard - Tan

    The lanyard fits all memobottle sizes and is created from double layered leather with quality stitching and treated edges. It is made to be by your side, whether you’re travelling the world, heading to the office or out on the town.

    • Brand Name: memobottle
    • Leather Color: Tan
    • Item Weight: 0.32 ounces
    • Rank: Best Sellers
    On Sale: $19.50 Buy Now
  • Lid Pack | Black and White

    The memo-lid packs allow you to customise your memobottle in a way that suits you. Each memo-lid is equipped with a durable and reliable seal made from the highest quality materials, ensuring your memobottle can be trusted when placed with your precious valuables.

    • Color: Black and White
    • Material: BPA-free plastic
    • Models: A5, A6 and A7
    • Warranty: 2-year limited
    On Sale: $7.50 Buy Now

About Memobottle

Single use bottle consumption has gone bananas in recent years, with 1,500 plastic bottles being used and discarded every SECOND in the US. This has a damaging effect on both the environment, and our hip pockets. The recommended water consumption (8 glasses per day) is about 1,400 times more expensive when consumed in purchased water bottles compared to that from a tap! In response to this, many have turned to the more environmentally friendly alternative - reusable bottles. It’s a common belief that plastic is The Devil, however, due to the monstrous use of embodied energy from Alluminium and Stainless Steel raw material to product, reusable plastic bottles are actually 80% more environmentally friendly than its counterparts. In an effort to reduce the amount of single use plastic bottles being manufactured everyday, we have designed the memobottle; a durable, dishwasher-friendly, long life water bottle constructed from recyclable BPA-free Tritan.