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New Age's Health Sciences intellectual property encompasses 11 major patents, and cooperative research studies and human trials done with some of the most prestigious and respected institutions in the world.

The portfolio and scientific grounding underpinning the portfolio provides the authority to make verifiable claims and provides the catalyst for evolution of the beverage industry with truly functional healthy beverages. The division's flagship product is 'NHANCED Recovery, a preoperative hydration beverage backed by patented micronutrient science, offering the most comprehensive formula on the market.

In addition to the 'NHANCED platform, New Age's IP portfolio features patents & scientific research addressing major consumer opportunities, including: electrolyte replacement, neurological protection and improvement, cardiovascular health, radiation protection, diabetes treatment, hearing health, and digestive health. The Division intends to continue launching new products into market on a yearly basis, satisfying a broad set of consumer need-states with cutting-edge, clinical-grade solutions.