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RevAir is a groundbreaking beauty company that’s turning the hair industry on its head. Debuted in 2018 with its namesake Reverse-Air Dryer, RevAir introduced a product that delivers on its promise to consumers in a way no other brand has been able to do. Solution based, not trend focused, the RevAir team is comprised of passionate, forward-thinking, highly skilled beauty industry experts. Now, RevAir is ready to expand their team to include you!

RevAir is the inventor of the world’s first and only Reverse-Air Dryer. RevAir offers an attention-grabbing, life-changing device that works on even the curliest and most coily hair. At $399, the one-time investment in RevAir is less expensive than chemical treatments and professional blowouts. In addition to accessories ranging in price from $8 to $40, RevAir offers Bundles that group together must-have products at a value price designed to encourage consumers to hit “Buy Now”.