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About Shhh Silk

Since 2015, SHHH Silk has become the go-to brand for anyone wanting a luxurious night’s sleep. For anyone who wants to wake up in the morning with clearer skin. Better hair. And the natural glow that a good night’s sleep can bring. For every SHHH SILK purchase, we’ll donate one of our sleep promoting masks to those in need. No conditions. No minimum spend. The best silk pillowcase and silk eye mask for a good nights sleep. Switch to a 100% silk pillowcase to wake up with smooth shiny hair. 

Back in New York in 2015, what devastated our CEO Olivia most wasn’t her missing pillowcase. It was the sheer number of people she saw sleeping rough on the street. And although she didn’t have the answer at the time, she promised her children that if she were able to grow a company, what she ultimately would want is for it to make a meaningful difference to the lives of those humans sleeping rough on the street, somehow, in some way. Get your pillow case from Shhh Silk today. 100 night trial.