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The LVH Group offers the world's first Webapp designed to provide women with their weekly erotic literary fix through an exciting and engaging story of one woman's journey to sexual empowerment and fulfilment. Lady Victoria Howard’s adventure is written by women for women and to ensure real value for money, we also provide readers with a free magazine with modern day, original content discussing relationships and the sexual world in which we live. LVH is all about pure pleasure, delivered discreetly to the user’s device of choice. We have adapted the TV series and boxset format to suit the regular digital reader. Once a subscriber has signed up, we deliver the latest episode to them without the need for them to download it, or remember to update. If they wish they can store an entire ’Season' and binge read it later. Our experience with existing subscribers is that they are hooked after reading the first 2-3 episodes and so we offer a 14 day free trial to help capture their attention.

Thanks to E.L. James and the Fifty Shades Series the acceptance of reading female erotic literature and erotic romance has skyrocketed globally. This genre of female literature has recently seen explosive growth and is worth in excess of USD1.5 billion a year, outselling science fiction, mystery and literary novels. We are delighted that our existing readers find the content to be both engaging and of a high quality. Serialised fiction is very much back in vogue and our pricing model is such that subscribers can be easily reached with our weekly pay as you go option, boosting the potential to reach the entire liberal female marketplace. Discounts are also available for a Season pass.