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Upgrade your bedroom with luxurious, environmentally friendly bedding while supporting a cause we can all get behind. Using research and development, with a dash of trial and error, Wooflinen has developed the perfect solutions to luxury bedding and pet products. Wooflinen creates products that provide super quality, are modern and amazingly useful for pets and their owners. As a company, Wooflinen supports the rescue of dogs through funding, donation of supplies and volunteering. A portion of the sale from Wooflinen products is used to fund foster networks and various other organizations that support finding homes for dogs in need. If you are looking for top quality, breathable, easy care, super-comfortable bedding that is ALSO good for the environment, look no further. Both French Linen, which derives from the Flax Plant, and Bamboo require a fraction the water of cotton to grow. Spending years of R&D, while also in the process getting married (and pregnant), we found the most comfortable, eco-friendly materials to accomplish our mission.