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About Abeille Heureuse

The boutique www.abeille-heureuse.fr offers healthy and fresh products offered by nature, in general and by bees, in particular. Present on the market of natural and organic products, the Abeille Heureuse brand is committed to a rigorous and qualitative approach in favor of natural micronutrition for a real health benefit. Created in June 2011, l'Abeille Heureuse is the result of an approach aimed at making products from the hive available to the general public, with absolute respect for the work of bees. Concerned about the health and well-being of our customers, we strive to offer healthy products offered by nature, most of which come from the production of bees in particular. All of our products are natural products, known as “organic products”, resulting from actions aimed at protecting nature, while respecting bees and their work.

Our shop offers you:

● products recognized for their benefits and efficiency: 9 varieties of raw (fresh) pollen, pure royal jelly, bee bread, honey bee bread, dry pollen, propolis and honey.

● fast delivery everywhere in France

● personalized customer service and advice

● many attractive, dynamic and varied promotional plans

All the products of the hive at the service of your health!