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  • 10 Gourmet Writer Pen Set

    10 Color Gourmet Write Pen Set includes all of our Gourmet Writer colors. One of most popular products, this set is perfect for decorators who want to work with the most color choices possible.

    • Brand: Americolor
    • 5.2 x 0.3 x 7.5 inches
    • Set of 10 Gourmet Pen
    • Weight: 0.96 ounces
    On Sale: $18.00 Buy Now
  • 75 oz Soft Gel Paste 8 Color

    Soft Gel Paste 8 Color Junior Kit an intermediate selection of highest selling colors. You can’t go wrong with this kit, as almost every project contains one or more of these colors!

    • Tags: Junior Kit
    • Category: Soft Gel
    • Set of 8 Food Color
    • Bottles: .75 Ounce
    On Sale: Buy Now

AmeriColor Review

AmeriColor Corp. is a family owned and operated company that manufactures food color and other products associated with the baking and sugar art industries. Founded in 1995, AmeriColor Corp. is based on the old-fashioned principles of honesty, service, quality and value. These principles embody the essence of who we are. AmeriColor is one of the leading brands from USA in great quality food color manufacturing. The colors are Kosher Certified, many vibrant shades and much more. These can be used in fondants, buttercreams, icings and many more cake and other food decorations. We have developed a unique form of color and packaging for our products. To provide greater efficiency, quality, value and convenience for the decorator we created Soft Gel Paste, a pourable, highly concentrated gel, breaking with the industry standard of a hard paste in a jar.