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  • Contact Lenses Online

    Simple Contacts offer the lowest priced contact lens refills. By using Simple Contacts test and purchasing lenses, you can expect to save more than $150 a year when compared to any other way of getting a refill.

    • Duration: 1 Year
    • Refills Contact Lens
    • Refund: Unopened
    • Shipping: 5-10 days
    On Sale: $150/year Buy Now

About Simple Contacts

Simple Contacts is the most convenient way to renew your contact lens prescription and reorder your contacts from anywhere, in minutes. The world’s simplest way to renew your contact lens prescription and reorder contact lenses. The 30 second test, taken on an app or the web, is reviewed by a licensed Ophthalmologist to issue a brand new prescription for lenses without having to set foot into a doctor’s office. Renew your contact lens prescription with the only app based vision test. Take a quick and easy test, designed by Doctors, to assess your current lens prescription. Select your contacts, and within 24 hours a new RX and lenses will be on the way.