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Azimuth Risk Solutions sm , LLC 

Today, more than ever value and values are key to providing the right offering to international benefit clients.  Azimuth Risk Solutionssm , LLC (Azimuth) was formed by professionals with nearly 30 years in the international insurance industry to provide simply the finest value in our product offering, service, administration and support after the sale of international health, travel and life insurance products. If it’s important to you to do business with an organization that is committed to providing best of market value, service excellence, to ethical conduct and positive philanthropic pursuits, Azimuth is the choice to meet your requirements.  

Azimuth’s mission is best explained by offering the finest in client-oriented products and service which follow our guiding principle of the Five Es: 

1. Make it Easy to Understand  

2. Make it Easy to Obtain 

3. Make it Easy to Use 

4. Service Excellence

5. Uncompromising Ethical Standards