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  • Four-Plate Combo

    The first four Calamityware dinner plates in a discounted combination. Each porcelain dinner plate features a different calamity--flying monkeys, giant robot, sea monster and UFO invasion.

    • Blue Image: 10.5”
    • Set of Four Plates
    • Workshop in Poland
    • Microwave Safe
    On Sale: $150.00 Buy Now
  • Strawberry Scarf

    Square scarf 36" square (90 cm) silk habotai (8 mommes) with hand-hemmed, rolled edges. Silk habotai is the fine silk weave originally developed for kimonos. It’s the best of the best.

    • Pattern: Strawberry
    • Design: Square
    • Fabric: Silk Habotai
    • Fabric: Luxurious
    On Sale: $65.00 Buy Now

About Calamityware

Calamityware began when graphic designer, Don Moyer, inherited a traditional blue Willow-pattern plate and felt a urge to redraw it...and add a pterodactyl. Modern audiences are bored by tranquility and prefer the diversion of monsters, explosions, and car chases. As Don drew a series of plates, each spiced up with its own calamity, people who saw these drawings on Flickr asked for real plates.

The Calamityware series started in 2011 when I inherited a traditional, Willow-pattern plate and decided to sketch it in my notebook. I couldn’t resist the temptation to add a pterodactyl in the sky. When people saw the drawing on Flickr, several urged me to figure out a way to reproduce the image on a physical plate. My first Kickstarter project sprang from that idea. Blue-willow patterns have been going strong for 300 years. It’s great fun to take that heritage in a new direction.