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  • AA Rockstar OG

    Rockstar Kush is an indica dominant hybrid (75% indica/25% sativa) strain. The high starts with a feeling of uplifted euphoria with a hazy introspection that immediately relieves any feelings of anxiety or racing thoughts. This high slowly spreads throughout the body leaving you completely relaxed with a slight sense of sedation.

    • Category: Flower
    • Tags: Hybrid, Indica, QP
    • Net Weight: 14 g
    • 75% indica/25% sativa
    On Sale: $45.00 Buy Now
  • Pressed Bubble Hash

    Bubble hash is a term given to pressed hash made from pure trichomes. When you fire up traditional hashish, impurities in the resin will burn. Pure, unadulterated cannabis-trichome resin will bubble and melt like butter when flame is applied. The basic principle is this: plant material is mixed with cold water and ice.

    • Category: Concentrates
    • Earn 22 Kana Points
    • Bubble Hash: Freeze Dried
    • Taste: Nice & Strong
    On Sale: $22.00 Buy Now

About Kana Post

Kana Post is an online dispensary that provides premium cannabis strains to Canadians. This dispensary strives to provide the best experience when buying cannabis online. Kana Post provides cannabis products, including edibles, concentrate, accessories, and extracts. They also uphold high standards when it comes to customer care, quality, and delivery. Experts in mail order cannabis, Kana Post test all cannabis products. Further, Kana Post examines all products to ensure they meet the company’s high standards. This dispensary serves members in major cities including Ontario, Toronto, Quebec, and Montreal. They also reach members in rural and remote areas. The goal of Kana Post is to provide top-quality cannabis to Canadians at affordable prices.