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Microcap Millionaires is a service that's based on the principles of Benjamin Graham i.e deep value investing. The service aims to identify/recommend a group of stocks, mostly microcaps, where there's not only a definite rule for buying as well as selling but also a limit on how large this group should be. Microcap Millionaires provides you with specific entry and exit points, taking the guess work completely out of the equation.

Benjamin Graham has outlined another very important rule for such kind of a service. He was of the view that equity exposure should be at its maximum when the valuations of the broader markets are favorable and it should be minimum when the valuations are not so favorable. Holding the remaining corpus in instruments like fixed deposits during both of these scenarios would be an idea worth implementing.

The service consists of a monthly report which will not only give stock recommendations from time to time but also give the subscribers suggestions on how best to use the flexibility of increasing or reducing exposure to equities based on the overall market conditions. He offers a 60 day money back guarantee so if you are not happy with the service it won’t cost you a dime.