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About One Year No Beer

OYNB is a social challenge - and it could prove to be one of the greatest challenges of your life. Imagine being able to say, I did a year without booze, and I loved it! Our mission is to change people's relationship with alcohol by supporting their journey through offering access to 28, 90 & 365 Alcohol Free challenges, access to an amazing global community, podcasts, blogs, specialised coaching and more. Rather than just deleting alcohol from your life. We’ll help you break down and rebuild new habits and a new mindset that gives you complete control, that will last way past finishing your challenge. We use positive psychology to help our members transform their lives and discover the best versions of themselves. With 70K+ members in more than 100 countries, we're a dynamic start-up at a scaling-up stage looking for great talent to help us make an extraordinary impact on people's lives!