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  • Photo Books

    Keep your favorite memories in place. Use Resnap Smart Editor to instantly produce a lovely picture book. Just upload pictures from your phone or social media. Resnap Smart Editor will pick your finest pictures automatically and generate an amazing book in minutes for you. Make some (if you want) modifications and you're done! Printed on dense paper with a hardcover with premium ink.

    • Finish: Silk or Glossy
    • Design: Custom
    • Pages: Deluxe Layflat
    • Photos: Upload
    On Sale: $18.99 Buy Now

About Resnap

The world's easiest picture book software based on artificial intelligence was developed by ReSnap. ReSnap technology can automatically pick a user's finest images from the thousands of images spread across distinct information sources (from mobile to Dropbox) and generate a lovely picture book automatically. And this can always be done within one minute! ReSnap has created state-of-the-art profound machine learning methods for this distinctive technology. ReSnap system is self-learning due to the application of a neural network, so with every picture book that is created, our system can better predict what is going to be the ideal picture book for a consumer.