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Born in Sweden in 1910, this group consists of six brands in Latin America: Electrolux, Continental, Fensa, Mademsa, Somela and Gafa. All of them maintain a quality and design recognized worldwide. 

All of them maintain quality and design recognized throughout the world, in addition to the focus and main purpose of our company: to put the consumer at the center of everything.

Since the development and creation of the first vacuum cleaner, we are the only appliance company in the world that is capable of offering complete solutions to consumers and professionals.

And that can be verified thanks to the 60 million electrical appliances sold, every year, in more than 150 markets.

We develop smart solutions for before, during and after the use of our products considering the positive transformation in the lives of collaborators, suppliers, consumers, the community and the entire planet.

In an increasingly connected world, we want our products to contribute unique experiences, create a connection between people and transform everyday life into something even more enjoyable.