7 Boho Curtains That Are Free-Spirited, Elegant and Affordable

Great trends never get old but they revolve over time. There are many examples in the latest interior design trend which have similarities with free-flowing style. This style got widely famous in the US in 1960s and it was originated in France. Mostly lovers of this style call it "boho" in the international market and it is also known as Bohemian Chic. The amazing thing is that it has again become the hottest decor trend in 2022.
Bohemian Chic is combination of many things. We as manufacturers use geometric patterns, appearing colors and eclectic art. Some vintage accessories and travel souvenirs are also used as decoration. Imagine macrame pillows, velvet sofas, Moroccan poufs and rattan chairs with innovations of our artistic designs. This traditional design with some modern touches brings more comfort to your room. Other than these, aesthetic designs on our articles bring up individuality and depict bohemian culture.
Bohemian style is the symbol of free living. Exhibit liberty of your thoughts with amalgamation of boho aesthetic with simple curtain refresh. Implement style of likeness, it could be bright colors, touchable texture or bold patterns. Many of our customers demand us to add some twist on their decor style. They believe it is a fun way of living which increases their level of happiness.
We have made a list of 7 different bohemian styles so it becomes easier for you to choose. These are huge in demand and definitely these designs will also become your favorite.

Bohemian Cotton Linen Curtains with Tassels:

Many like it because of tassels and hatch stripes. It is available in different colours with geometric designs. Some intricacies in Bohemian Cotton Linen Curtains with Tassels take you to the time of your golden memories. High quality material is used in its manufacturing. Blend of cotton and linen let you enjoy your privacy in your room while these also allow some filter light to enter in your room.
Why does everyone loves these designs?
We believe Bohemian Cotton Linen Curtains Tassels play dual role in decoration of your room. These will work as contemporary interior and vintage decor. We recommend to buy a pair for your room if you like antiques with some modern pieces. These days ikat designs are highly trending with some shades of subdued colors. It is perfect for those who love bohemian style in some light colours.
Where to Buy: $37.87 at Walmart.com

Geometric Semi-Sheer Tab Top Curtains (Set of 2):
If you have firmly planned to adopt bohemian style for interior then going for Geometric Semi-Sheer Tab Top Curtains would be a wiser choice. These geometric curtains depict some complex style in contrary to plain-jane monotone drapes. We have manufactured these curtains with some variety of colours which depict sun-drenched theme. Actually medallions design of these Bungalow Rose are inspired from Mediterranean Kingdoms. We have used mixture of numerous colours in creation of these designs. Some of those colour are: Indigo, coffee bean, Turquoise, mimosa and sienna. Shade of Papyrus background adds more beauty to it covers panels of 42 * 84 and provide complete privacy to you. These curtains also provide protection from sunlight but allows some to enter so that you can enjoy weather to your full.
What makes it different from other?
Combination of colours Geometric Semi-Sheer Tab Top Curtains makes it different from others. We have used of Jewel toned colours in its designing to match bohemian theme of your room. Not only this, it provides carefree feel and helps you in keeping your mood charged all the time.
This (set of 2) can be easily washed and dried in machine.
Where to Buy: $34.99 at Wayfair.com

Boho Macrame Deorative Panel
 Sustainbility is the major quality of Boho Macrame Deorative Panel and these are handwoven using cotton yarn. Placing these curtains in room provides feeling of relaxation and simplicity. Some extra frings on its borders add more beauty to your window or wall.
What makes it great choice?
It becomes a great choice because it keeps your color scheme neutral. It will make a great combination with colour of your wall. So, design your decor according to your choice. You can buy this drape in pale gray, white and it is also available as a set of two. Macrame is one of the basic features of boho styles. Adopt this style to get a match with every colour.
Where to buy: $99 at PBTeen.com

Joelle Curtains, Set of 2 
Anyone will fall in love with these Joelle Curtains because of it manufacturing and style. We have used Breezy blend of linen and cotton in its manufacturing to give an elegant looks to your room. It also adds charm and beauty to your room. These are manufactured in a way that you will not face any kind of difficulty in hanging these curtains. A tunnel tab has been created to provide easiness. These are available in different colours and four different sizes. Aou can also was these curtains in a machine.
Reason to love:
We find elements of nature in Bohemian Style. Keeping in view our theme we have decorated Joelle Curtains with pretty beetlesand gorgeous panels. All these elements of nature have been added to help you to have more aesthetic pleasure in your room. These are available in different colour schemes. You will definitely find these drapes different from others.
Where to Buy: $78 at Anthropologie

Boho Patch Light Filtering Window Curtain Panels (Set of 2)
We have used 100% polyester fabric in manufacturing of Boho Patch Light Filtering Window Curtains. It columns are designed in patch-work style pattern. Other than this, this is also available in vibrant floral and geometric patterns. Tassels and real boho cred are installed at the top portion of each panel. This amazing style comes in two different sizes thoe are: 84 * 45 or 95 * 45. 
Basic attributes:
These drapes are available in bright colors which helps you to turn your simple room in to some fun place. Your place will turn into bohemian style. These curtains you can find in a set of 2 and you can easily wash these in a washing machine.
Where to buy: $65.99 at Target.com

RoomTalks Boho Country Farmhouse Curtains:
The Room Talks Boho Country Farmhouse Curtains are designed in french striped pattern. These curtains are manufactured with combination of cotton-linen fabric with some beautiful tassel on edges. These drapes are available in four different size. We also provide built-in rod pocket with these so they do not find any kind of difficulty in hanging.
Why We love it?
Its high-quality construction allows it to have a long life. These do not get damage so easily. The biggest quality of these curtains is that these are adjustable in any room. You can hang these in nursery, bedroom or kitchen. Many of our customers demand these curtains to give a new look to their farm houses.
Where to Buy: $39 at Amazon.com

Echo Print Curtain, Set of 2: 
The things which have pure background are always attractive similar to Echo Print Curtain. These curtains always become center of attention of our customers because of golden pattern applied on these curtains. These curtains become a sign of glory while hanging in your room. This style is inspired from Egyptian artwork.
We have manufactured it with 100% pure cotton and opaque fiber. Its quality material helps in blocking dust, cold air and light. This is available in a set of 2 and in three different sizes. These can be easily washed and dry in a machine.
How these curtains play a vital role in home decor?
These curtains add a luxurious look to your room after when you pair these curtains with an antique brass rod. Experts have designed its style considering the stylish demand of your room.
Where to Buy: $75 at WestElm.com

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