8 Best Mother-Daughter Collections 2022

The bond between mother and daughter is not limited to Mother's day. What can be more wonderful than enjoying the summer while hunting for a mother-daughter dress collection? It displays the unique and splendid bond between them.

You can enjoy the Mommy and Me dress collection even if you're not a celebrity. Each day brings fresh memories, and to make mother-daughter relationships memorable, both should wear matching outfits.

The below-mentioned clothing collections show off several options for mom and her precious daughter to dress similarly. It covers casual wear to trendy twinning frocks that will be suitable and identical to both mum and daughter superbly. So keep sticking to this article because we will highlight the 8 best mother-daughter collections in 2022.

1.  Ivy City Co.

What could be a perfect destination to shop than Ivy City Co. Notably, if you're going for that ideal and similar mother-daughter appearance.

Why We Adore Ivy City Co.

Ivy City Co. concentrates on evergreen and elegant silhouettes that expand to your little ones. For a gorgeous feminine look, shop in natural cotton and linen fabric, soft spring colors, and hand-printed florals.

They describe Mummy and Me summer collection as a match made in heaven. The brand encourages you to dress up with your minis in picture-perfect dresses and forming lasting memories.

Things to Keep in Mind

Ivy City Co. is not the fitting place for you if you’re searching for a casual look.

The Price At Ivy City Co.

The cost at Ivy City Co. starts around $108 for ladies, $54 for girls, and $44 for baby romper suits.

Special Deals At Ivy City Co.

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2.  Lily Pulitzer

Why We Adore Lily Pulitzer

The famed fashion line recognized for bright, colorful, floral prints also holds bright designs in sizes suitable for girls, toddlers, and babies. Everyone will glance admiringly at you and your little ones in a chic outfit.

Each print is hand-drawn by Lilly artists. Different animals and plants are imprinted on girls’ dresses. The swing dresses and t-shirt dresses are superb.

Things to Keep in Mind

You will have to shop elsewhere if you are searching for matching men’s or boys’ styles.

The Price At Lily Pulitzer

The cost starts at around $98 for moms, $58 for girls, and at around $48 for infants.

3.  Walmart

Why We Adore Walmart

Walmart is boosting its fashion game, and it is true in the case of the mommy-and-me outfit collection, too. It highlights splendid floral prints on the jersey and embroidered dresses.

The Pioneer Woman ‘Mommy and Me’ Capsule collection contains signature floral dresses. There is something in their capsule collection for moms and little ones.

Things to Keep in Mind

There is only the collection for the girls at Walmart, and no father-son similar outfits.

The Price at Walmart

The cost starts at around $15.99 for moms and $12.99 for their little ones at Walmart.com.

4.  Soma

Why We Adore Soma

Are you looking for a casual look this year? Go to Soma to purchase matching pajamas. The limited-edition collection highlights the top-ranked Cool Nights pajamas in a spring color palette for moms and minis.

Things to Keep in Mind

Consider limited edition and purchase fast before it sells out.

The Price At Soma

The cost of ladies starts at $59.95, and sets for kids start at $32 at Soma.

5.  Old Navy

Why We Adore Old Navy

There is a wide selection of choices here as Old Navy displays all the summer colors and prints in their mummy and me collection. Most of the outfits feature mommy and daughter dresses and rompers. Don’t worry the dads and the boys, because there is option for them to match the moms. Additionally, there is even an athletic gear choice to complement moms.

Things to Keep in Mind

While a price is lower, the fabric is not of high standards.

The Price At Old Navy

At Old Navy, the cost of mom’s dresses starts around $32.99, and girl’s dresses begin at $26.99.

6.  LoveShackFancy

Why We Adore LoveShakFancy

It is an NYC-based fashion brand famous for its delightful romantic dresses. They range from mesmerizing bathing suits to warm pajamas to gaudy floral dresses. They are perfectly fit for summer.

Things to Keep in Mind

The fabrics are of high quality, and the looks are adorable. But the costs are also too expensive.

The Prices at LoveShackFancy

At LoveShackFancy, a mom's matching dress starts around $395, while a girl’s dress price is around $145.

7.  Gap

Why We Adore Gap

Gap has revolutionized mommy and me matching dresses for the whole family. It includes dresses, button-downs, t-shirts, rompers, bathing suits, and even hats. The matching shop highlights similar looks for the entire family, be it, moms, daughters, sons, and dads.

Things to Keep in Mind

The sets aren’t always arranged properly. You might have to do some skimming to match up a fit in a piece for all the family members.

The Price at Gap

At Gap.com, the prices for a button-down shirt start at $24.95, and a dress for a mother at around $98.

8.  Kohl's

Why We Adore Kohl's

Lauren Conrad has released her Mummy and Me spring and summer collection. It spotlights dresses, tees, rompers, and button-downs in floral prints and soft colors. Now you can be in tune with your daughter and even son in these lovely prints and styles.

Things to Keep in Mind

Kohl’s is not the fitting collection for you if you are looking for something fancier and ruffled.

The Price at kohl's

At Kohl's, the cost starts from around $16 for kids, and mother’s outfits range from $50.

Wrap up

There is always an eternal and irresistible appeal now and then when you get dressed up as your little ones. Whether it’s for a big vacation, a family holiday photo, or a birthday, you feel like you’re in appearance with your entire family.

In this article, we’ve explained the 8 best mother-daughter collections for 2022. I hope you enjoyed reading it. Comment below to express how you think about Mommy and Me outfit collections. Also, pinpoint which brand fits you and why!


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