Kids Wear Fashion Trends 2020

A new season is also coming for children, full of trends and super cool outfits

For all those children who like to be fashionable in any situation and during any season, designers from all over the world have decided to give their creativity maximum, by launching, for the summer of 2019, new trends and outfits that any parent he will absolutely want to see his children inducted. Here they are the fashions for baby and child for next summer.

Kids in mini-dress

For girls of all ages, especially the chic ones, the real protagonist of the summer wardrobe will be the mini-dress. In fact, for next summer mini dresses will be proposed, obviously short, cheeky, wide or close-fitting, of every model and above all with monochromatic patterns in pastel colors, from mustard to sugar paper, through peach and dust, with micro-patterns with a romantic touch or, for little girls with a strong character, even in tropical patterns. However, vintage versions with fringes and polka dots will not be missing.

Children with a street touch

For boys, even in the summer version, the fashion that in the jargon is called the street returns. In fact, the children will dress in plain colored sweatshirts and often decorated with big brands. Also, over the sweatshirts, there will be light nylon jackets. The Bermuda also come back, especially in a denim version. The models of the pants that will go for the greater will instead be soft and wide and will have large side pockets, but above all the kids will adore wearing them together with denim jackets decorated with large patches. In any case, on jackets, trousers, golf, and T-shirts, the summer stars of fashion designed for mini-men will be the lines.

Small and equipped

Both for girls and for children, during the summer the outfits will be full of unique fashion accessories. First and foremost the hat, in a straw version, with a wide or narrow brim, in neutral shades or in colored patterns for girls and in a sports version with a brim for children. For girls, as an alternative to hats, the circles, smooth and traditional, will also be back in fashion, but also with flashy applications. For little girls then also small shoulder bags, always in straw, will go out of fashion to combine with hats. As for the shoes, the girls will dress in comfortable sandals decorated with glitter and rhinestones also in a bronzed version, while the boys, for all those occasions, when the colored sneakers are not suitable, will love to imitate their fathers.

The detail of the T-shirt

For the summer of 2019, the designers have decided to dedicate themselves with particular attention to the creation of new T-shirt models for children. In fact, this year the shirts will be decorated with large logos, but above all, they will have images and graphics dedicated to the great musical groups that from the 60s onward have caressed the most important stages of the world.

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Kids Wear Fashion Trends 2020

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