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  • Explorer Kit

    Start your Infento journey and have a great time by building together with your child. Teach them to walk with walker or let them use their hands on the Gecko to zigzag around the living room.

    • Ages 0-8
    • Length: 72 - 78 cm
    • Max weight: 13 kg
    • 14 Rides
    On Sale: $249.00 Buy Now
  • Smart Kit

    With the Smart Kit you and your child can build any ride from the Explorer and the Pioneer Kits. Premium quality fun, twisting, turning, scooting and cycling, for everyone from 0 to 14 years of age.

    • Build: 3,5 hours
    • Ages: 3-7
    • Size: 38 - 50 inch
    • 23 Rides
    On Sale: $349.00 Buy Now

About Infento

is the first in the world to develop a kit for families that lets them build real constructible rides together. You only need one kit and one hex key to create unlimited rides for their whole childhood. From toddler to teenager. From a walker, scooter, tricycle, bicycle, go-kart, skibock to a sledge and more. Infento’s modular parts allow endless possibilities.

Infento created the world’s first real constructible rides. One kit, one tool and you can make as many rides as you can imagine. The possibilities are endless. Infento is a new company with a new revolutionary product. Creativity and working together is what infento is all about. Infento invented a modular kit that lets families build life-size rides together.