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Premier Body Armor provides complete steel and soft body armor systems to defend against threats including handguns, shot guns, and high-powered rifles. In addition, all of our products are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. at our headquarters in Kings Mountain, North Carolina, and our production facility in Miami, Florida. Premier Body Armor was founded in October 2013.

Before the introduction of PBA in 2013, we spent 20 years engineering and manufacturing armor for tactical vehicles becoming an industry leader in innovation and a high benchmark in quality. Our customers have included the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), the United States Marine Corps (USMC), North American and International OEM’s, private security industry, government agencies, as well as the Department of Defense.

Utilizing our fabrication and design expertise as well as our many years of experience with armor, we have created a full line of both hard and soft body armor systems. This line not only includes popular designs such as our ultra lightweight and comfortable Executive Vest, but also our flagship Durus 8000 NIJ Certified Steel Plate-the only steel plate in the world with a true SAPI curvature (designed by the U.S. Military to fit the human body perfectly). Weighing in at only 4.01 lbs for our 8"x10" plate, measuring only 5mm thick, and multi-hit, level III "plus" capability, the Premier Durus 8000 is the best bullet resistant steel plate on the market today.

With a process patent in hand for the best steel plates, and a line of the most advanced soft armor available today, Premier Body Armor is utterly unique and unmatched in the industry.