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RELX's online vapor and e-cigarette store offers a variety of stylish, next-gen vape pens and pods that we ship worldwide. Innovative design; easy to use; many flavours. RELX is a fast-growing e-cigarette company, blending innovative technology, cutting-edge design, and a world-class flavor science. The goal is simple: to create a superior vape experience that actually satisfies smokers. RELX Technology is an independent e-cigarette brand founded to aid adult smokers in quitting cigarettes. Our core business extends to e-cigarette and vape tech R&D, product design, and sales. With a strong direct-to-consumer online platform, RELX now makes next-generation e-cigarette technology accessible to adult smokers around the world. Trusted by customers all over the world, RELX Tech is the leading e-cigarette brand in United Kingdom. The best vape device and pods to help United Kingdom smokers to make the switch easy. Vape device is only £22.49!