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Revtown is the home of premium jeans at a revolutionary price. Our founders spent years working in athletic apparel, creating some of the most innovative fabrics in the world. When they couldn't find the perfect pair of jeans, they set out to make them. By applying the game changing elements of performance apparel—comfort, function and durability—to denim, we created the most comfortable, best performing pair of jeans around. It all starts with our fabric. After a ton of research and visits to mills, we found ourselves in Italy. That’s where Decade Denim was born. It’s a denim fabric unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Our proprietary secret sauce. And the key to making jeans that look good and fit perfectly. At Revtown, we’re laser-focused on making it simple to find, buy and wear the perfect jeans. No confusion over a slew of fits that sound the same. No premium pricing for the heck of it. We’re giving you superior denim for $75.